Orofacial Pain Treatments in Kerala


Orofacial Pain is a frequent form of Pain percieved in Face, Jaw and Oral cavity. A Dentist in usually the first health care provider consulted for pain in orofacial region. It is estimated that over 95% of cases of pain result from dental conditions such as toothaches, pulpitis and Dentoalveolar Abcesses. The second most common cause is Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMD). Other causes can include postoperative pain, pain associated with a malignancy and Neurological pain.

Common Orofacial Pain

  • Temporomandibular disorders (TMD)
  • Referred tooth pain
  • Migrane and other primary headaches
  • Geant cell arthritis
  • Trigeminal neuralgia
  • Sinusitis

Everytime if the tooth is not causing pain the second possible thing to rule is Temporomandibular Disorders. TMD are the most prevalent Pain condition for which Patients seek treatment from a TMJ specialist. The cause of the dental pain is hidden, cofounding diagnosis by a TMJ Specialist. Migraine symptoms starts from tense muscle in the jaw, temple and neck area, or from TMJ problems. TMJ Specialist may be able to help ease your migraine if your migraine pain has a TMD(TEMPOROMANDIBLE JOINT DISORDER) element in it and if so it can be cured completely without any medication. Pain Diagnosis And Treatment TMJ specialists are available to assist with the diagnosis and treatment of Temporomandibular Disorders and other conditions in children and adults. Clinicians assist with management of continuous and episodic neuropathic orofacial pain, and management of temporomandibular disorders and associated neck pain and headache. The amount and duration of pain can vary greatly due to the extensive range of underlying causes. Your brain, nervous system and sensory functions all each complex in their own right and supported by other systems. Your pain may be short lucid and resolve on its own and the sign of an underlying condition that requires treatment. There are many types of orofacial pain more accurately describing the type you feel can help your TMJ specialist diagnose and treat its underlying cause.


  • Pain radiaing to the jaw, Temporomandibular Joint and to the head and to specific area of he face, ear,and around eye due to TMD.
  • Temperature sensitivity (Due to gum disease, tooth decay or infection).
  • Sharp pain while chewing (Due to decay, teeth damage or infection).
  • Persistent or severe pain (Due to injury infection or decay).
  • Dull aches can be caused by severe headaches, grinding your teeth and other conditions.

Be sure to reach out to your TMJ SPECIALIST for their expert recommentation and diagnosis. The sooner you confront pain, the more you can avoid potential associated problems and find relief. Treatment Patient must take these symptoms seriously and should seek for Treatment from a TMJ specialist as early as possibe.The treatment include 2 phases. In the first phase,the patient's NEUROMUSCULAR bite is registered with the help oF J5 myomonitor or a K7. To this new bite, an ANATOMIC ORTHOTIC is delivered. The patient have to wear it for 4- 10 months, 24hours a day. The TMJ dentist will correct this bite either manually and digitally by OCCLUSENSE BY BAUSCH or TSCAN during the bimonthly visits of the patient .By the end of the first phase, the patient will show vast improvement in the symptoms.The second phase of treatment is for permanently aligning the bite of the patient to the early registered neuromuscular bite position. Only completion of second phase of treatment will ensure complete cure and prevent relapse.